Shoe Care Guide

RAMP MNL shoes are made of premium genuine full-grain leather that need some TLC for it to last for years. Remember these RAMP tips to keep your favorite pair in perfect condition:

Remove any visible dirt and dust with a soft cloth. We recommend applying a small amount of shoe polish regularly (preferably colorless to avoid staining). Gently rub the leather in a circular motion to prevent leaving marks or altering the finish.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and humidity. In case your shoes get wet, we recommend drying it immediately by dabbing the leather with an absorbent, non-pilling cloth, and stuffing the shoes with a towel to absorb the water. Let them dry completely before using or storing them.

Mix up your outfits and give your shoes time to rest. We recommend rotating your favorite pairs of shoes and avoid wearing the same pair several days in a row.

Put them back in the box. Allow your shoes to air out then return them to their original box. We recommend using a shoe tree to keep the shape of the shoe and storing them in a dry place.